Game of the Century – Clash of Clans Android Game Fever

The game of century in respect of chess refers to the chess game played between Donald Byrne and a thirteen years old player Bobby Fisher in Rosenwald Memorial Tournament on 17th October’ 1956 in Ney Work City, won by the boy Bobby Fisher. The game was played in Marshall Chess Club and designated as the Game of the Century by Hans Kmoch at the time of chess review.  The game is a history in itself as played by a 13 years old boy in opposition to redoubtable opponent Donald Byrne and the result of this play was a sensation in the chess world.

The highlight is Donald Byrne was the American Chess master leading by defeating many champions and he became the international master in 1962 and was defeated by a small boy of 13 years old. That’s why the review expert Hans Kmoch.

The people always appreciate the tricks and strategies and like the video games as well which are strategic. The best example of strategic video games is Clash of Clans; need gamer’s attention, tricks and strategies implementation to clear the stages and for achieving the milestones.

Clash of Clans Strategies – Base Design

There is Clash of Clans for PC Strategies for Defence and Attack include three  kinds of base design named as Farming, Defence and Hybrid. All the three designs have different strategies like Farming is designed to gain 12 hours shield, letting others to destroy townhall keeping it out f the safety walls and let your enemies to destroy the townhall, while the defence design is totally opposite in which you bounded the townhall by safety walls, towers and defensive buildings. And the last but not the least Hybrid is basically the combination of farming and defence focus on townhall safety along with the safety of resources.

Latest Games Capturing the Market

The list of some games recently capturing the gaming world is given below. These are some games very popular among every age group and category of game lovers with superior quality of animation and tricky hurdles. Have a look on these games:

  • Urban Terror 4.1.1
  • Angry Birds Huge
  • Hellish Motorbike
  • Maximum Racer II

In the current gaming world, the game companies are introducing the newer games very frequently. There are different big shot gaming niche companies’ souvenir their customers by launching newer games with amazing graphics, stunning animations and strategies.

Clash of Clans v/s Other Latest Games

The concept of Clash of Clans is quiet different than the other games in the market, it is a strategic game based on a very old and famous game “Age of Empires”. People are loving this game because of the tricky hurdles and difficult milestone where the gamers have to implement their mind and have to make-up the policy to defeat their opponents. This is multiplayer game which is a similar feature comparing to other latest games.

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How to Share Video, Image and Location in Whatsapp Messages

The internet is an ever expanding domain which newer sites and Apps coming up each day to revolutionize communication and bring people even more close. While the social media sites have already gained huge popularity among the masses, the social messaging sites have simultaneously come up to give a tough fight to them. Since, most of the social messaging sites like Whatsapp, WeChat or Viber are modeled on the social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, they share many similar features.

In Whatsapp Messages, you can not only connect with your friends, family or known people but also share with them images, videos, and location. This way you can instant connect with your beloved people and keep them updated about their whereabouts. Also, Whatsapp has made the whole process very easy as now people do not have to send text messages anymore; it can be done by sending media files, you can also update whatspp status.

Tips for Whatsapp Messages

The following steps can be followed to send images or videos  on Whatsapp:

  • Firstly, open your Whatsapp application and select the contact whom you want to send images or videos.
  • Open the contact and find the attachment icon on the top right side of your screen (this is beside the three aligned dots). Tap the icon.
  • This will lead you to the gallery where all the images and folders have been present. Tap to select the image or video that you wish to transfer and then click the send option.
  • The appearance of the double tick mark would indicate that the file has been sent.

Sending location on Whatsapp is quite simple too. This would require you to turn on the GPS of your device. This would catch the current location. For sending the current location, you need to tap the ‘share location’ option; this would open the ‘send location’ option. This comes up with several options and all you need to do is choose one and send.

The feature of sending location and other files is an interesting way to keep your contacts updated. However, it must be noted that a very strong internet connection is required to send files on Whatsapp. If the internet connectivity falters then images, videos or other files cannot be sent. The rules for sending files are almost the same for every mobiles with slight or minor differences which can be figured out.


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